Ted Talk 101: My View On R Kelly

Welcome to my Ted Talk everyone. I hope 2019 is has been great for you so far and you’re all staying hydrated and giving nothing but love.
So, I’m guessing at this point we have all heard about Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly, yes? I have to say in my entire life I’ve never been so disturbed. I’m so confused, I have a lot of questions that I know I might not get answers to but I think I have to address what’s going on because I don’t know who needs to hear this.

Robert Sylvester Kelly

For those that haven’t got a chance to catch up on the recent updates concerning R. Kelly’s alleged involvement in sexual misconduct and other illicit behaviour, then I going to give you a quick news roundup. The famous R&B star been suspected of abusing women for a very long time taking them hostage and doing God knows what with them. He literally imprisons his victims and turns them into his sex slaves.

According to reports by the Time, investigators and lawyers in at least two states are seeking more information about allegations against R. Kelly, after a new documentary series reignited interest in reports of the R&B singer’s alleged sexual misconduct.

So, recently all this came up and blew the internet when a documentary titled, “Surviving R. Kelly” a six-part series that aired on Lifetime from Jan. 3-5 was released. It had different young women and people narrating their horrible experiences with the singer and the kind of things he did to them including him preying on underage girls. I must say, my mind is blown away by the human race once again.
Before, I used to hear about the claims and accusations towards R. Kelly and how his victims kept talking about the torment they went through and I clearly didn’t get it. It was recently that I came across a book titled,

‘Sex Me: Confessions of Daddy’s Little Freak by Daddy’s Girl’

written by one his victims that my eyes were opened.
The things I read in that book, I’ll never be able to unread them. I have to live with that for the rest of my life. The writer describes everything so vividly that you feel you’re literally there. The way she wrote about her pain left me numb. I’d never be able to take that kind of abuse. I could die just from the thought of it.

After reading the book, my mind remained hanging. I felt a lot of bitterness because not just one person has been through this, but many young girls. The man is disgusting. He’s an animal and to think of all the people that looked up to him. The appearances he made and the respect he got, it just drives me crazy.
In review of all that has happened, this has had me questioning these “celebrities” we are all crazy about. You look at this person and wish you had their life or probably you could meet them one day only to find out how twisted they’re. Because, if one man can get away with all this then God knows he’s not the only one. I don’t even know what to make of this!

My mum always says, “before one dies, they see a lot” and I have to say she’s right because some of the things we see and hear in our lifetime, we could never have imagined. Not in a million years. At this point, I want to give up on life. I want to cast the human race out but I know I owe it to myself to do better and help out where I can. But the world we live in gets worse by the day.
I recommend anyone to get themselves a copy of the book. If there’s anything that I have learnt from reading it, is that one should always stay away from toxic relationships.

By relationships I don’t mean just the romantic ones, but including those that involve family, friends or the casual type. Look into all of them because some of us have found ourselves trapped in a toxic relationship both knowingly and unknowingly.

You could be in a toxic relationship and not even know most especially the romantic ones where you have no choice but to end them as quickly as possible. You need to understand that people don’t usually change especially character wise and however good you are as a person, that’s just you.

You need to understand that you have the power to control how you live your life and whatever the other person does is on them and not you!
I don’t want to say know your worth because this song has been sung millions of times. But learn how to be selfish at some point. Learn how to look out for yourself all the time. You can only compromise when you get the same energy back because at the end of the day if you are the only one breaking habits. The only one giving up things, that’s enough to let you know that the person you are doing all this for is not in your corner.

Learn how to always choose yourself and stand for what you believe in. Also understand that relationships no matter what kind they’re they are a two-way street. You can’t be the only one giving while the other person is taking. You are human and one day you might run out of what to give.

Follow your gut. I must say, my gut feeling has had me through a lot of things. So, if it makes you feel some type of way do not ignore it. Toxic relationships can be with your parents or anyone. Don’t ignore the signs!

C/O Audrey

You should also know that your feelings are valid. Just because you aren’t the bread winner doesn’t mean you are not allowed to question somethings. The same applies if someone is older than you. It doesn’t mean they don’t have to hear you out and neither does the difference in your gender whether man or woman make you any less of a human being. Always know when to leave!

As for violence, don’t even get me started! If you’re in a relationship where you find yourself being abused, then trust me on this. If a man or woman hits you once, best believe they’re going to hit you again. Even if it takes 5 years they’ll find a way to harm you.
So, violence is a big no. If someone thinks it’s the answer, then they’re sick and need help. No one wants that kind of person.
As you lay in your bed, I want you think about all the possibilities and signs you could have missed out on that may be a show of proof that you’re in a toxic relationship. If you find yourself in one, I suggest you end it quickly.

That’s all everyone. That marks the end of my Ted Talk.

Also one of my loyal readers was born today!!!!


Happy New Year I Guess.

So turns out “writers block ” is a real thing and yours truly ladies and gentlemen is battling with that.

But first off Merry belated Christmas everybody I hope you had a good one…mine was great spent it with family of course…the whole crew came through so it was a turn up from like 22nd December .

I know I know..I haven’t written in like forever….so we shall do a little life update small small.

The semester ended well..I guess…at least I left in one piece but mahn I gotta tell you …it doesn’t get better this thing called life..the semester was mostly rough ..A few good things but mostly rough but like an eagle I soar !!

I’ll have y’all know Kampala people showed me that no matter where you put your phone they’ll steal it….It’s like death..You do everything right…You do things doctors tell you to do ..But either way you die..so yes my phone was stolen..it was like magic I can’t explain it even if you beat me ….

Anyhoooooo……so here I am…I just thought I needed to write before the year ended..I owe you my dear reader that….I feel like I’ve let you down the past couple of months. And I hate myself for it…

I’ll try and explain what’s going on with me in the simplest way possible…so normally when I get an idea to write about usually it’s easy I get my phone open the app and start typing my draft…work on it for a few hours and it turns out great ..sometimes …days…But lately I get the phone come up with a title…And nothing…absolutely nothing …zero content…but alot of ideas .

I’ve been at this for weeks I promise ..I’ve contacted a few people for help still nothing. You’d think this would be easy right ! I mean what’s so hard about writing life posts it’s about random ideas..i tell you most solemnly brothers and sisters it’s no walk in the park !!!!

Which brings me to the point of this post….If you are out there and you could help a sister out…please reach out because I’d hate to be one of those failed bloggers because I know I have it in me …. You can give me some tips…You could give me links to ideas…You could share your written block story with me and how you handled it …You could even give me ideas about what to write about…like topics you want me to give my opinion about…nothing controversial though …. Yes I love to “shake a good table ” But some tables are made of concrete so let’s try and leave the concrete ones out..if you know what I mean ! So friends please help a sister out…reach me on my email ..or in the comment section …my Twitter…my WhatsApp for those that have it. I’d appreciate that.

And now my other point….I want to reach out and say


Thank you so much for always taping on that link each time I annoyingly send it to your dm and and post it all over the internet…thank you for sharing it with your friends…thank you for the comments…thank you for following …. basically thank you so much for believing in me….

It’s been nine months since I started writing and I gotta say I’m so proud of myself for coming this far…when I started out ..I thought let me just do this it must be fun and thought I would get only a few people reading and at a point I would stop and tick blogging off my bucket list ….But you guys…You guys have made worth it..each time I post something and see all those views I know I have to keep writing so I will not stop saying thank you …. Thank you Newslibre.com for having my work up on the site that has been my writing achievement this year (y’all gotta check out Newslibre.com !!!! There’s awesome writers on there..thank me later)

Okay okay let me stop with the speech as if I just won an award or something…But I need you to know that I’m going to keep shaking those tables and love you all for letting me shove my links down your throats literally ….

Happy New Year…..to a year filled with more of my opinions and more of your comments on them and to chasing away the spirit of writers block.

To more blessings from the Lord…because at the end of it all it all belongs to Him.

Happy 2019 loves❤

Cheers 🥂

Ps: Do not forget the first point ! Please reach out and help a sister!

Yes I’ve Said It, Shoot Me!

So guys i might come off as a very different person after you read this and i want you to know that i mean all of it . every damn word….. but some of you might agree with me and continue falling in love with me.

So here’s the thing this thing called money ….let’s actually discuss it….guys i like to believe that money is everything.

Yes yes I’ve said it ….argue and fight it all you want ….look at it this way before you go running your mouth how I don’t know what I’m saying ….

What would you rather….?

Being broke as hell but you know with your true love and maybe as you might like to call it “happy”


Rich as hell but not exactly with the love of your life and also when life gives you shit you can go on vacation and chill out .

Because let’s face it….rich or poor life is going to give you shit…it doesn’t care …. so would you rather face life’s shit when you are rich as hell or broke as hell it’s your call because the shit is coming anyway .

The thing with being rich whilst you go through life’s trials at the back of your mind you know I have money on my account but if you are broke you are going through life’s trails and you got nothing but “happiness” … let’s face it yes there happiness without money but the happiness with money….my G that’s true happiness.

Yes yes I know some of you want to badly agree with me but you can’t because you are noble and also you were raised well and all…and your folks taught you that money isn’t everything. ….especially if you are African. ….we have got this imparted in our heads that money is the “root of all evil ” but fam that entirely is up to you…it comes down to what you do to get the money because if I wake up and put in the work….there’s no way you are going to convince me that money is evil. …just how…so this whole idea was put in us to prevent us from getting greedy and learn to be happy with what our folks gave us…but we are past that now. …right now we are supposed to get money our own money ….

You see where the world is headed the rich people are noble take for example Oprah Winfrey. …have you seen that woman….she’s a self built empire! And is she evil??? Nuh fam she put in the work ! So don’t console your lack of hard work as nobility .

And also let me put this out there. …too much money is not enough money …I repeat Too much money is not enough money! !!!!!!!

What I’m trying to say is don’t get comfortable where you are because you think you have small small moneys. …news flash: money gets done ! So the hustle might not be exactly the same as when you started out….but let it still be a hustle don’t assume you’ve made it until you reach a point where you don’t admire anything because you know if you wanted it could be yours.

The next thing. …don’t be scared of showing it off…look fam you worked hard ..you put in the effort you spent sleepless nights and now you’ve made it…spoil your damn self buy that expensive car …buy that building. ….do what you gotta do to make you happy ….people are always going to talk I tell you….they will! So as long as you are happy. .that’s all that matters. ..don’t hold back!

This one is for the ladies. ….yes every guy thinks chics these days want money and all….so I suggest this is what we gon do…get your shit together so together that no man can break it….then wait and see the men you’ll attract ….you are going to get you an man who has it together and you are not going to have to deal with these cry baby men….who think we want their small small money’s. …because I am not going to lie a relationship without money….that sucks imagine a relationship where you don’t go on fancy dates where your man doesn’t get you nice gifts where you can’t take your man for a vacation some place nice…where you can spoil your man with cute things. . .I don’t even want to think about it.

For the guys.…okay this isn’t entirely what you should do but lemme just put it out there….if you can’t afford a relationship right now I say don’t get into one…and make the girl feel bad because she can’t ask you for anything because you’ll tell her how she’s about the money….yes I know there’s true love of building yourselves and all and believe me I am happy for you but if that’s not the case….let the whole relationship thing go it’s not a compulsory class that you must take.

we know it’s the truth but we are still in denial….so let’s snap out of it…!!!

All I am trying to say guys is let’s work hard…let’s not feel sorry for ourselves because at the end of the day we would rather have the money!

If you’ve read this and you agree with some of it or all of it ….you my friend are destined for great things….because it takes a lot to actually accept that money is everything!

At least I am sure of that where the world is headed you are not going to be recognized by your name but by your net worth. ….

You really don’t want to be the relative or friend who people are afraid of picking calls from because they worry you might be asking for money .

This isn’t supposed to make you greedy this is supposed to make you reestablish your philosophies and set your priorities right to make sure that paper comes through that’s all and I’m sorry if this post didn’t make you feel that way .

Please do not argue with me….my mind is made up as you can see….don’t for a second think there’s anything you can say that will change what I just said.

I promise I could go on with this money thing. ….I could but I feel like my point has been made….

Nuff said!

This had to be said. …so YES I’VE SAID IT …SHOOT ME!


The Life Time Investment.

I bet you are eager to figure out what it is you are about to find out and invest in. …well good for you because you don’t even need money to do it , all you need is yourself.


First things first ;

the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively (this is the one Google offered )

But I I think this runs deeper than society functioning and all .. I want to look at this on a personal level . Ummh let me see how to put this. Your social capital as a person is everything! I repeat it’s everything! !!! So this means you need everybody every single person . You make networks create connections at every place that you step foot because where this economy is headed that’s seems like the only way we are going to make this work .

Social capital is an investment you don’t know when the returns will come through but you are sure that they will one way or the other…so invest as much as you can. This is a one man job don’t be out there banking on your parents social capital that’s theirs and you need to create yours . Because you are not going to go all over the country declaring how you are so and so’s son or daughter. ….

When you create your own social capital and it comes through for you. .you are proud of it in a way because you know you put in the effort.

I don’t mean this in terms of work only I mean it in just the social way too…people that come through when you hold events or small parties …people you celebrate achievements with. ..people you share your trials with. ..that kind of thing. Like an emotional army of sorts that always comes through ready to be there for you ….if you isolate yourself all in the name of “I mind my business and do my thing .”

And I’ve noticed that in this generation people regard being anti-social as being cool….someone straight up tells you “I’m anti-social I don’t like going out there talking to everyone and stuff I like to do my own thing….” okay yes yes I know we have people that are genuinely anti-social and maybe they don’t like it. Because being anti-social is not and has never been a good thing it’s not something to brag about and take pride in….because at the end of the day you are going to need people. ..anti-social or not ! So fam….get out there and make it work . Don’t be out here being picky and all (okay be picky just enough even then don’t over show it ) because you know who you will need when it comes to it. …. so fellow children of the Lord. ..let’s be humble and accept that we need each other. …. speaking of being humble…..that will be a story for another day…. for now let’s network because that will be your net worth! (Damn I just killed that line😎)

Make them now people. …now

Anywho I’m not sure what I’m saying has come through but yeah I hope you get where I’m going with this. The smartest people have failed in life because they thought they could do it alone…. no one does life alone it is impossible. …. people who haven’t stepped foot in school have made it….so now look at us we have had a chance to go to school some of us more than two schools. …and during all that time we have met plenty of people so I think we are at an advantage so let’s not take that for granted. ….. Invest in social capital as much as you can . You’ll never know when you’ll need it.

And while you are here please check out newslibre.com .

Sunday S.O.S!

Hey….what goes on???…

For starters I added a year of life on 4th and Mahn did it go well..👸

I’d never ask for better friends and a better sister ….so I want to say thank you everyone that sent messages …that came through. …that got me gifts. …I love you guys! This past year hasn’t been the best to be honest but I made it work so I belive I am stronger to take on a new one… I have grown up so much . I have been blessed with opportunities. ..I have fucked up a lot of things. ..i have disappointed the people that care for me.. I have disappointed myself …… I have really been through some shit but here I am still thriving and I feel like I only just got started. And I have learnt that life …it gets harder and I get tougher because that’s the only option i have and to be honest I am proud of myself for keeping my sanity …maintaining my relationships with people and not giving up….so everyone that’s been there for me….thank you and God bless you and let’s be at this yet again this year!

And of course if it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t have made it this far….so thank you Lord for this new year that I intend to live growing stronger in you.

That brings me to the point of today’s post….I need help…major help…and anybody please come through for me. .and if there’s any people like me I hope this is our breakthrough.

I struggle with prayer. I get on my knees and I can barely talk to God I say the same basic things of thank you God . Please forgive and bless me….it’s prayer but it’s not that deep I don’t feel it on a spiritual level….and it’s driving me crazy that I talk to way too much …to everyone and can barely talk to the one that really really matters.

I’m over the crammed prayers…the rosary the lords prayer the prayers I was taught as a kid….I feel like I crammed them and now I just recite them for the sake of it…I want to have a conversation with God. ..I want to feel his presence when I pray I want to pray for more than 30 minutes and I also want to get committed to prayer I want to be a prayer warrior more than anything. And there’s no way that is going to happen for me because I can barely sustain 15 minutes of prayer .

Also how to study the bible…and interprete it and understand and be consistently turn to it whenever. … so basically what I’m saying I need to grow stronger in the Lord and I need a little guidance!

So if you are out there and you can help in anyway ….if you have my number text me. ..or leave a comment here so that other people like me can get help….those who can email me please I’ll be greatful vahnpk@gmail.com .

Prayer is important and I want to be good at the important stuff….


The last run !

Hey hey….what goes on..??.it’s been a minute !

Well you know how life takes over your life and you can’t even do any thing with your life…but I’m here now !

So internship ended and I had the time of my life honestly I acquired tones of knowledge, I made new friends and got connections basically i think I achieved all the targets.

And now school has started and guess what! ? This is my final year at uni. …. yes I knew this day would come but not so soon …just recently I started campus and now I’m getting done just how !? and this weird person I know likes to call me finalist . And everyone else won’t stop reminding me … my first lecture this semester this guy kept on telling us how this is the last run and all and in my head I’m yelling “please shut the hell up its already and bad as it is.”

How do I feel about this you ask?

Well i will have you know that I’m terrified. I keep wondering what will I do after school? Will I get a job immediately , will I start up my own thing. .. like what will I do with my life really. I can’t call my folks for money anymore I’ll be responsible for myself so yes I’m legit freaking out.

But I’ve given all this a lot of thought and you my friend if you are with me on this i low key got you . So here’s how we are going to deal with this . So get a pen and paper you might need to take some notes .


save as much as you can . Save all the money you have save each coin you get my G save ! Because we both know after school it will be a bit tricky running to your folks for some money to buy small things like a deodorant, airtime .. you know. So if you have your little money you will get by. So I’m guessing you are wondering where will I get the money to save I can barely go by as it is … well here’s how you see that money that you are spending on turn ups and road trips all in the name “of this is my last year at uni. ..” get all that money and save it because truth be told you still have a long life ahead of you and you can always do all these things because you will even have more money then….so open up an account if you don’t already have one and save every penny . You’ll thank me later .


The reason we are in school in the first place is clear . It’s to study otherwise why are you are you here ??? So sit down and focus on that degree. It doesn’t have to be a first class although ideally that’s the dream. I say do your best as long as you feel like you have given it 100% that’s what matters because you don’t want to leave this place thinking I should have done better so sit down and give it your all so we call all get invited to that graduation parteh! !! #NoRegrets! As a wise man once told me in this life everything can be taken away from you but not your education no one can take your degree away from you that’s why you need to do this for you and not anyone else PS: That wise man is my Dad❤ And believe me that man is wise.


Yes we know I’ve said a degree is important and all and this might contradict Me but I’ll say it anyway . Your degree is useless because half the people I know don’t do what they studied and I know you agree with me. So in the meantime grab yourself a side job that you do after school or even during try to strike a balance and this is why .

First you’ll get more money to save if not a lot of it . You will get skills that you can use to better your life. You will get connections that you really need so find a small job it doesn’t have to be fancy . Wait tables after class if you can….anything really to earn you that extra dime .

So speaking of side hustles if you have anything that I can do please hit me up and offer me that job . The Lord will bless you. I shall be waiting 😊

4. PRAY!

I am bringing this last because it’s the most important and I’m really not going to get into it because if you have come this far and you don’t know how powerful prayer is then I’m not sure what you are about. Because at the of the day if God isn’t involved why bother ?

So people there you go….you will thank me later….I know it’s scary and all but we got this! We have been through worse right ? So let’s do this like our lives depended on it because they do!!!!!!

gods love vahn

Let’s have a little talk…..

Hey hey world…so i promised i would deliver and here i am…..i am very excited about this post …i hope you do to as soon as you know what its about!

So Saturday evening i am at home…bored ..watching TV..normally i watch Nickelodeon (yes i am an adult and i watch nick! shoot me!!) but this time they were showing an episode of Sanjay & Craig that i had already watched…so i decided to just scroll through the channels….and then i land on this show i think it was called “THANDO bares all” i dont remember the channel it was on…so this was the topic… they were talking about “Poly relationships”

So in my head i am wondering whats that…some of you might be wondering as well….so being who i am….my first instinct is to google anything i dont know….so in case you were wondering too..lemme school you for abit…

POLYAMORY (from Greek πολύ poly, “many, several”, and Latin amor, “love“) is the ability or capacity to love more than one person at a time. Sometimes seen as the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge of all partners involved….(might or might have not copy & pasted)


So in lay mans terms “Open relationship” so thats what a poly-amorous relationship is….and on tv there was this guy who was saying his marriage is a poly marriage i guess…you sit down with your husband/wife and decide we are going to see other people and everyone is like awesome! and this has to be a two way thing…if one person is doing it then it becomes polygamy….So in my head i am thinking which sane person does this….so on the show they interview a few people and some people agree with it and they actually had solid reasons which totally made sense….and this is something people actually do ..it had never occurred to me ever that two people can agree to cheat on each other. Wild am i right??!


Apparently this is how they make it work….so it has to be to the knowledge of both the partners….and communication of course…you share..introduce the other partner where necessary…of course use protection and many other things that i wouldn’t know….So this is why people go for it…apparently you acquire skills and spice up the relationship….

My take on this you ask…..heres is what i think….if you like me i should be able to be enough because i know i am enough…and no i wouldn’t want to share my man with anyone..but by the time you think of adding someone to our relationship that means you dont need me….so i would rather we end things and you go on and see other people.

So dear reader….my question is whats yo take on poly relationships…..????

I asked a few of my friends about it….and here is some of the responses i got…..

So i gotta say ….Shevan makes a fair point. ..it’s convincing really but nuh I’m still not up for it 😒
This is more like me….yeah sharing a man…doesn’t sound nice honestly. …and also being shared…nuh

Thank you for the Jovia, Shevan & Jenny 😊

So people let’s talk…..what’s yo take ????


Basic life tales…

Inconsistency is killing me…damn!…i am so sorry ..i thought i got this until i didn’t “got it” and it kills me not to deliver because i am sure we had a good thing going….but…but i ask for just a little patience i haven’t quite figured out how to deliver and have a full time job (internship)…but i am getting the hang of it…so this me asking you to hang in there…..


Not an excuse or anything but i have a brain jam because my brain is tired from all this work stuff…my friend i am dosing by 8 pm so really……but since i haven’t come up with my next post idea…and i dont want you loosing hope in me….i have just decided to tell you about how my life is going….


well so far so good..considering theres not much going on….For starters world cup is done so yaaaay!…i have almost zero interest in football….its not completely zero because with the right crowd ill pretend to be enjoying it….so i am guessing world cup met me not with the right crowd.

So i was just generally frustrated by it…because all the memes were about world cup and i couldn’t relate zero relation…..When i went to Twitter my timeline was over flowing with world cup….so basically i wasn’t the happiest person about the whole thing. But yes all things come to an end …and so did this one….Buuut i watched the final match due unavoidable circumstances …and guess what team i was on….!!!!!! Being an African you’d expect i was team France right?? Because i mean the team is made up of black men. But guess what a good friend of mine convinced me that Croatia was the team that those boys knew what they were doing. And that a small country deserves that cup….so being blick about soccer and this friend had been watching all the games, i thought why not? So yes thats how i ended up on the losing team in case those that watched the match with me were wondering…..but yo 4-2…just like that….i was watching i got up to go to the bathroom it was i think 2-1….and when i got back it was 4-2….like just wow! Anywho that was world cup for me.


Then back to my basic life….work is great..ive settled in well my supervisor came through..and i guess that went well…okay im hoping…this place gets better everyday…in my department we usually have this breakfast thing as a team every the Friday every after two weeks and the previous one we the interns hosted…we have it in office the organising group makes a budget and they are given money to organise so yours truly was at it last Friday!! I gotta say we pulled it off…so during breakfast we “bond” so a topic is given and speakers are chosen…so we spoke last Friday….

They asked us to tell them about what we expected uni to be like before we joined …what we found and what we expect…of course being who i am i had more than plenty to say….(ill only speak for myself) so yeah…. id like to think i engaged everyone after i spoke the questions and feedback i gotta say was more than i expected it was over whelming and everyone kept saying i had a great speech some even said they had learnt something ( YES LET ME BRAG….!!) i taught people 10 years older than me something its only fair that i brag a whole lot!! So yes i pulled it off….ill not go into the details about what i said but i need you to understand that i killed it!!!!!!

yeeeees…..!!!!!! i am awesome!!!!!

Moving on….i made a couple more friends…which is great! okay lemme not make it seem like they are 10 or something they are just two….(if you are reading this friends…thank you for joining my amazing life….it will be a warm bath!) and i cant wait to introduce you to my other friends….old friends please treat the new comers nicely when you meet them.

Other than that im great…i go back to school in a month or so…i dont know whether to be happy or sad honestly….but yeah thats whats up….ill keep you posted in case of anything….and yes im coming up with better posts just give me a little more time….and if you have read this that means all hope isn’t lost and that means a lot…..so yes until then….Bless up!


Another word for it is APPRENTICESHIP.

Soooo……sorry for the wait but here i am.

Why ive been away…. you my friend are about to find out …so there’s this thing called internship. And it’s about that time for me. So of course we heard the stories before how they are going to make us photocopy papers and bring tea for mean “workmates” and all…so of course for me this was a bit worrying.

Buuuuut…..i have news for y’all that’s not the case here…everyone is overwhelmingly nice it’s almost annoying…its for smiling 24/7. and ive never said my name so much in my life. everyone wants to know your name for some reason.. and they come back the very next day and they forgotten it.

Any who that’s not the point. So ive learnt a lot these past few weeks. For starters I didn’t know i could go a week without wearing jeans but here i am…and also that one can spend a whole smiling at everyone….tragic am i right???

So we actually work now i understand why we debit and why we credit…i am learning to appreciate why i need to know how those accounting things work. And also how to relate to people who are twice my age at my level…and i must say these guys make it easy. And that there’s a gazillion careers that i can pursue in line with what im studying.

And also to stay in my lane…boundaries are key!e3a5ea6f34fe0e4ac58e176aa599628b

Then also of course respect everyone because  at the end of the day you are still an intern and you need these guys..or you will need them later in life…so be your best self.

But OMG I am practically dying of sleep by 8pm my friend…i used to wonder why people with desk jobs complain they are tired because i mean you sit at your desk the whole day and you claim you are tired….just how??!!! Now i know…jeez ive never been so tired in my entire life.

But at the end of the day i think this is actually great…we all need this experience…because after school this is where we are  headed anyway….so yeah its a great opportunity…and i heard the place where you do youre internship is most likely where you are going to end up…not necessarily that place but something in those lines. But as for me..i hope i get a job right here because i gotta say its great…im having the time of my life!!!!!

So whoever is in this with me…i urge you to stay focused don’t lose sight of the bigger picture….we are not in this for the 5 credit units…..we are in this for something bigger securing a  future of sorts….Always take notes….interact with those people they have a lot of knowledge to give away so take it. Connect and get all the connections you can…because in this our country there’s nothing bigger than a connection. And also have fun!!!

THE BIGGER PICTURE!bigger-smaller-picture-1014x570

Now you all know why ive been away….its a full time job up in here…no games..and i cant be caught missusing WiFi ….so Adios….cherrio…



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